For donations of $450 or more you can have me as your guide to freedom and enlightenment
If you ask yourself, why should I be enlightened, you should also ask - why to be happy? Why to be confident? Why to have financial and time freedom? Why to travel? Why to experience different things? Why to love? Why to enjoy life? WHY NOT! That`s what the life is all about!

                                                                             Why Should you listen to me?
I had no friends, I wasn`t happy, I was alone, I hated my parents, the school, I had no self-confidence, no money, I was hopeless, my health was poor. That was about 4 years ago. And let me tell you - All those blocks, believes, limits were INTERNAL. Now, I am happy, I feel I can do and be anything, I have wonderful friends and I attract like minded people wherever I go, everybody loves me, I`m not attached to anything, my imagination is wild and every day is WOW day.

It took me about 4 years to reach this level, without any personal mentors. And and I`m still going HIGHER! Wherever you are NOW, you can be happy and free in a very short time. If you don`t believe that is possible for you right now, LET ME HELP YOU!

If feel confident that I can get you HIGH and teach you how to STAY high for the rest of your life. I discovered and learned "brain-washing techniques" and used them to program myself for success.

I love listening to people, and I LOVE listening and talking to winners. I KNOW what is the difference between winners and losers in life (It is very simple), and I know that YOU ARE A WINNER. You are a winner just because you are reading this.

I will be your ONE ON ONE mentor. Communication will be available by phone/skype. I will share my story with you, and you can do the same. I will teach you HOW TO USE the most powerful techniques for self-growth and gaining self confidence. It will take few weeks  (yes, I do mean few weeks) for you to reach awakening and enlightenment, and you will no longer need me. One-on-one mentoring is unlike anything available anywhere. You wont need ANYONE or ANYTHING, you will be free.

Have you own miracle coach! 

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