Why should I listen to you?
I don`t want you to believe blindly what I`m saying. I suggest you listen to yourself and your heart. And use your common sense.

Why many spiritual teachers disapprove the use of psychoactive substances?
They have spent years and years to reach their level of awareness and enlightenment. They don`t want you to be like them or more enlightened in such short time. It is their ego.

So, you are suggesting me to use drugs?
No. I am expressing my opinions about God created plants and vegetables. Drugs are not something bad. Coffee and white sugar are harmful drugs. Most processed foods we eat daily contain addictive, harmful drugs. Natural, God created plants like Salvia divinorum, Amanita Muscaria and Cannabis Sativa are not drugs, they are not addictive or harmful. 

Why have you created this website?
My intent is to awake and enlighten the world. And I believe the fastest way to do that is with use of the God created plants and herbs. My belief is based on my own experience, and knowledge observed from studying the most successful people in known history.
Also, during my studies of medicinal plants I discovered that the most medicinal plants and foods are psychedelic. 

I love your website. How can I support your work?
Suggest this website to your like minded friends, and/or make a donation.

Your English is not perfect!
I`m still learning. And nobody is perfect anyway.

I think you are crazy!
Thank you very much!