You must be prepared before taking powerful psychedelic plants!
This is important

Here you have all basic information, one audiobook and one e-book. READ THIS MANY TIMES

There are two basic rules when taking ANY psychedelic: SET and SETTING
SET: State of mind before experience and expectation from the experience
 SETTING: Environment and surroundings, people with whom you take psychedelics.
IDEALLY you should have experiences in nature, alone, and just meditate.

Before taking strong mind opening plants, you can practice and prepare with less powerful psychedelics:

Cannabis is wonderful, amazing gift from god. It expand creativity and motivation, it heals physically and emotionally.
 It is legal/easy acquirable in many places around the world. CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE 
Lobelia and Passion Flower give similar results, and they are 100% legal. BUY THEM HERE.

Living in nature and eating raw organic fruits and vegetables will permanently raise your vibration.
Cleansing with herbs and juices will will also permanently raise your vibration and clean your body from toxins and negative energies. You will FEEL INCREDIBLE, full of vitality, your imagination will go wild just when you do that. 
You can order cleansing programs from master natural healer dr Richard Schulze

Also,  I discovered that eating high amounts of raw organic beets, celery, onions or garlic are mind-opening and will get you "High". My first mind-opening WOW experience was when I was eating lot of garlic, hehe. But DON`T DO THAT before you do a full body cleanse.

But the real fun begins with more powerful herbs
These are legal, safe, and very powerful. I suggest start with Salvia Divinorum.
Salvia Divinorum                 Ayahuasca                 Amanita Muscaria