What makes people happy? What turns on people? Nature makes people happy.Truth makes people happy. Sex, creativity makes people happy. Experiencing new and different thing makes people happy.

LIfe is a game, and result in this game is how much happiness you experience.

Life itself is psychodelic experience. You are born enlightened, and as the time goes on you go down to lower and lower levels of
hallucinations (visions).

The God is female.

NATURE is creation of the God. Nature is God.

People with smile look beautiful, angry people look ugly.

You get what you deserve. (Timothy Leary)

I love listening, I don`t talk too much.

Your body is your karma (all your history)

More you listen, better for you.

Simple is genius.

Stupid people THINK they are smart, smart people REALISE they are stupid.

You dont see with your eyes, you see with your mind (third eye, imagination)

Happier you are, more information you receive. From the God.

The stupidest woman is smarter than the most intelligent man (Timothy Leary)

Nobody has a right to judge anybody! You dont have a right to judge yourself!

One powerful psychedelic experience can be like reading 10000 books, all written by the God. All those people who write books and
that kind of stuff are, in 99% of cases, full of it.
One powerful psychedelic experience is like hundereds of hours of meditation. All those people who suggest you meditation, are full of it also. We should never stop learning!

Sexual orgasm is powerful psychedelic experience.

As long as you are high, nothing in the world will/can harm you.

Human nature is to be stupid and to make mistakes. Be proud of your mistakes.

All greatest people in history, without exception, had powerful mind-opening experiences, triggered by psychodelics or something else.

We should talk with our actions, not with our mouth.

I realized something. I am a stupid moron if I care for anybody or anything. I should help nobody unless asking.

Smart people ask questions. Stupid people want to tell others what to do. We are all sometimes stupid.

People who are REALLY smart understand that life is for having fun, laughing, joking, travelling internally and externally and sexing.

If my brain vibrate frequencies which all people in the world receive, what is the point of writing the books and telling others what to do?

All people are my brothers and sisters.

Everything that happens is good.

Winners listen more than they talk.

Winners listen, winners change, winners do what they feel like until it becomes a habit.