From the Desk of Kevin Trudeau
"Please read this entire letter RIGHT NOW! I am about to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity that could change your life forever."

You may have heard about best selling books like “The Secret”, “Think and Grow Rich”, “Ask and it is Given”, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and others that promise to teach you how to make millions, be happy, and manifest all your desires. They have been talked about on Oprah, CNN, NBC, The Today Show, and written about in Time Magazine, The New York Times and hundreds of other publications. Major celebrities, famous billionaires, and members of Royal Families have admitted to using the information in these books to achieve riches and fame.

These books are very good, but all miss the most important secret key ingredient that makes the information REALLY work, and work FAST!. That’s why most people who read them do not get results. The fact is there IS a MISSING KEY that has been PURPOSELY OMITTED from these books and others like them! This KEY INGREDIENT makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

I am about to tell you about the SECRET KEY to making ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!  Here is how I learned about this and why I am offering it to you now.

As I revealed in my books, Natural Cures, More Natural Cures Revealed, The Weight Loss Cure, and Debt Cures, I was a member of one of the most powerful secret societies in the world, the little known “Brotherhood”. Secret societies do exist and many are very famous. The Free Masons, Yale University's Skull and Bones, the Illuminate, and many others are factual and real. The existence of these have be proven and documented on major TV programs and in well known magazines and newspapers around the world. The most powerful people in the world are members. Presidents of countries, famous celebrities, politicians, billionaire businessmen, bankers, lawyers, and the people that control virtually everything around the world have admitted they are members of these and other secret societies. President Bush and Senator John Kerry have admitted they are members!

Memberships in these societies are reserved for the privileged elite class of people, royalty, and their families. The average guy has no chance of gaining membership and receiving all the benefits from the knowledge, networking opportunities and associations these societies offer. That is one reason the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Most of the secret societies are not really a secret at all…they have buildings you can see, and people admit they are members …it’s what goes on INSIDE the societies that is the secret! It's how its members WORK TOGETHER that is a secret!

When you are a member of these societies you LEARN secrets of how to obtain incredible wealth, power, luck, control, happiness, romantic love, and even how to predict the future.  You learn how to CONTROL all situations in your life, and how to make all events turn out for YOUR advantage. You are taught secret discoveries that can allow you to BE…DO….or HAVE…ANYTHING and EVERYTHING YOU WANT! 

These secrets, WHEN APPLIED CORRECTLY, can make all your dreams come true! The question most people ask me is exactly WHAT are these secrets and HOW do I apply these discoveries for wealth, power, luck, love and romance in my personal life and make it work for me?  How can I get this knowledge without being a member of these societies so I CAN BE, DO, and HAVE EVERYTHING I WANT….FAST!!

Now that question is answered! Whatever YOUR dreams in life are….they CAN be achieved!

I was the first and only member of the most elite, exclusive and powerful secret society “The Brotherhood”  to actually leave the society! No one has EVER left the “Brotherhood” before! I left for many reasons which I will explain later. I am now willing to REVEAL these society secrets to a few select people including YOU. These secrets have been kept for exclusive use for members only…up until now!

While a member of “The Brotherhood”, I was taught SECRETS and POWERFUL discoveries that NO ONE outside the society knows.

These secrets are SO powerful and work so fast
that they AMAZE all who use them. When used, whatever you want in life comes RUSHING to you as if by magic.

Money can come to you so fast and in such large amounts it will frighten you!

I know this sounds too good to be true, but it IS TRUE! At a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Washington DC, a very well known businessman, while speaking from the stage actually said that when HE used these secrets, the money came to him so fast and in such large amounts it actually scared him! He was amazed at how POWERFUL these techniques work!

Imagine having me, the only member of one of the most powerful secret societies in the world, leave the society and PERSONALLY teach YOU how to apply this most powerful secret technology in YOUR life and make ALL YOUR DREAMS AND WISHES COME TRUE!

For the first time ever a former member of the Brotherhood is going to reveal the secrets that were previously held exclusively for members of these societies!  Now, for THE FIRST TIME, someone is willing to come forward and reveal, expose and teach to a few select people, including YOU, EXACTLY how to use these powerful secrets in YOUR life and make them WORK for YOU….in RECORD SPEED!

You will be taught EXACTLY HOW to apply these discoveries so YOU CAN BE, DO or HAVE ANYTHING YOU DESIRE! You will be taught how to make whatever you want in life, whatever YOUR dreams are, happen in RECORD SPEED!

You will be taught by me PERSONALLY. I have actually USED this Discovery with record results. You will learn how to make ALL YOUR DREAMS AND DESIRES IN LIFE HAPPEN!!  And happen FAST!!

Imagine having a PERSONAL mentor teach YOU the secrets to make more money than you ever thought possible, have unlimited power in your personal life, have the most amazing romantic love relationship you could imagine, have amazing health and vitality, become lucky in everything you do, control all people and situations in life and have the financial freedom to enjoy your life like never before!

As you know these secret societies include as members many wealthy and powerful people.  I talk with and confer with many of these members on a regular basis. That’s one of the many benefits of being a member of these societies…being able to associate with some of the most successful and powerful people on the planet. This creates a “master mind” group making the society even more powerful and membership even more beneficial. When you associate and learn from super successful people…it actually DOES rub off on you! Your energy is infused with their essence and YOU are changed for the better!

Being physically around people who know and have used these secret powerful discoveries, being in their physical presence, and learning from them, has almost magical amazing positive effects on you!

My story is very unique. I have lived a lifestyle most people only dream about. My achievements in business, health, romantic relationships, my uncanny luck, and my luxury lifestyle has become legend. I have lived an amazing life rivaling anything on the  “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”

Let me tell you a little about what using these powerful secret discoveries has done for me:

  • My companies have already done BILLIONS of dollars in sales!
  • I have owned TV networks, publishing and manufacturing companies, and corporations in many countries all over the world!
  • My associated companies have employed over 3000 people!
  • I am a New York Times number 1 best selling author whose books have sold over 50 million copies in over 18 countries!
  • I have lived in multi-million dollar homes all across America and on 3 continents!
  • I have lived the life of super luxury including driving cars like Rolls Royce’s, Ferraris, Bentleys, and Mercedes, and enjoying millions of dollars in fancy jewelry like watches and diamond rings.
  • I have traveled first class wherever I go including private jets, limos and the most expensive hotel suites
  • I have had servants including a butler, private chef, and a driver and body guard
  • I have dined in the finest restaurants and enjoyed the most expensive wine and champagne.
  • I have associated with some of the richest most powerful people in the world including Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries, military Generals, business tycoons, and Hollywood celebrities.
  • I have dated some of the most beautiful sexy women in the world and now I'm outrageously happily married to a stunning woman who is well traveled, well educated and one of the nicest people you could ever meet. I am enjoying an amazingly satisfying romantic loving relationship beyond my wildest dreams!
  • I also have unreal almost super human health. I virtually NEVER get sick!
The reason I tell you these things is NOT TO BRAG, but to let you know that I know something YOU NEED TO KNOW!  I KNOW the SECRET and HOW TO APPLY IT IN REAL LIFE!  If YOU learn what I have been taught, YOU can HAVE, BE or DO ANYTHING YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE!

But life was not always good for me! Before I became a member of “The Brotherhood” and learned the secrets, I was just an average guy. I grew up in a blue collar community. I never went to college. I went from job to job. I did not have “connections”. I had no money. I was overweight. I spent 2 years in jail. Life was a struggle. Making ends meet was tough. I was in debt and had trouble paying my bills. I couldn’t get a date. I was unhappy and unfulfilled. Things never went my way. It was like a black cloud was over my head. I was unlucky in everything. I felt like a curse was on me.

You may feel the same way right now. Desperate to change my situation I read over 1000 self help books and went to every seminar I could to learn HOW to be successful. The problem was none of the people teaching me WERE successful! They all made their money TEACHING other people how to be successful! They never did it themselves!

Everything I learned was THEORY. It just did not work in real life. But I was a young man who seemed to have potential.  Although not a member of an elite privileged family, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the secret society “The Brotherhood” and become a member.  It was a fluke. I was at the right place at the right time. They gave me an offer I could not refuse. I did know at the time WHY I was CHOSEN to become a member. Usually membership was reserved for the privileged elite.  (I will explain later WHY I was lucky to be CHOSEN). 

When I received my invitation I immediately took action and accepted! I actually had NO CHOICE., I HAD to accept! (more about THAT later)  I studied and learned the secrets available to members with more passion than anyone ever had in their history! It turned out I was gifted with the unique ability like Einstein at “crunching” or simplifying complex concepts and making them easy to understand and apply. I totally integrated the “secrets” into my whole being and my whole life! I APPLIED and USED this powerful never before published knowledge in my own REAL LIFE!

I created the “5 Second Miracle” from all this amazingly powerful secret information. I simplified the secrets of the “Brotherhood”. These secrets are MUCH MORE detailed than anything you may have read in the books like “The Secret”, “The Law of Attraction”, or “Think and Grow Rich”. I learned information and never before revealed keys to success. Even books by Donald Trump, or “Rich Dad Poor Dad” or “The Law of Success” do not reveal these secret keys.

One day, I felt I was READY to see if it would REALLY work like they told me. Could it be true that by simply applying this simple almost magical secret I could HAVE, BE or DO ANYTHING I WANTED?  Would it REALLY be that easy? Would it REALLY work so fast? All these well known powerful and super rich members told me it was true….and they had the physical proof it worked. They had the money, wealth, power, control, luck, health, and status. It was definitely working for THEM. But would it work for ME?

So, I sat down and APPLIED IT! Everything changed almost overnight for me! From the MOMENT I starting using this new Knowledge, the “5 Second Miracle” as I called it…EVERYTHING in my life became better. It was almost magical! I felt I had found Aladdin’s Lamp and had a Genie that would grant me every wish I had!

Within days I was dating beautiful sexy women! I got out of debt. I started making more money than I could ever dream about. I became lucky at everything. I lost weight. My health became amazing! I had luxury cars, houses, jewelry, and cloths.  I traveled first class, and most importantly was HAPPIER than ever before and was living a stress free magical life!

I could even begin seeing the future and starting predicting events with uncanny accuracy!

I also felt I could “read minds” and felt totally in control of all situations and people.

My confidence was at an all time high and I had no fear in my life! I had since made MILLIONS and have enjoyed a lifestyle most people could not even imagine.

People all around me could not believe my success! It happened so FAST it looked like I hit the lottery!  I became super “lucky”!  Everything I touched turned to gold as if by magic.  No one around me could understand or believe what was happening to me. 

I became confident, secure, lucky and happier than anyone could imagine!

I was written about in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, I was on the front page of the New York Times, I was on CNN, The Today Show and many other TV programs. The London Times did a 2 page story on me! I have been talked about everywhere!

I could see how POWERFUL and FAST this “5 Second Miracle” was when USED CORRECTLY! By law of the “The Brotherhood” I was required to keep this knowledge a secret. I simply told people that I was just “lucky”.

Then one day a person who worked with me named Rob came BEGGING to learn my secrets. If it was just luck, then Rob wanted to know HOW I was getting so lucky. There must be a SECRET to my “luck”.

After 3 years of BEGGING, I reluctantly decided to teach SOME of the secret discoveries to Rob, a most ambitious young man. This was AGAINST the rules of the society! These discoveries and secrets were for EXCLUSIVE use for MEMBERS ONLY! But I felt I was only revealing a “FEW” of the secrets..NOT ALL OF THEM.

These secrets are SIMPLE and EASY to learn. Rob was a quick learner. And he started applying these secrets right away.

Within a year Rob was a millionaire! I could not imagine how good I felt seeing another person succeed with this knowledge. It was fantastic! Remember, up until now these discoveries were kept for exclusive use for MEMBERS, the PRIVEDGED ELITE!  NO ONE outside the societies was to EVER learn them. This gives an UNFAIR advantage in life to the PRIVEDGED ELITE class who are society members. The “little guy” is left out! I felt this was TOTALLY UNFAIR and just plain NOT RIGHT!

So I decided to break the rules of the society and teach a few others that were SERIOUS about wanting a better life SOME of the society secrets.

Here are a few results from some of whom I taught the secrets to:

  • Bill from Indiana, a lawyer made over 2 million dollars in 24 months!

  • Harry from Maine, a UPS worker earning only $30,000 per year started a company from scratch out of his basement and generated over 200 million in sales over the next 3 years!

  • A single mom of 2, Deb, used this information to eliminate over $50000 in debt virtually overnight!

  • Tim from Tennessee, bankrupt and living in his mother in law's house, made almost 1 million dollars in less than a year after learning this information!

  • Sue from Ca, used this powerful knowledge to lose 50 pounds in 4 months! She became so confident and self-assured she attracted the most handsome and richest men and married a multimillionaire!
  • Mike from Boston went from making pizzas and living in a one room apartment to driving a Rolls Royce and having over 5 luxury vehicles and living in 2 mansions including his own Island! All this happened in just 5 years!!!
Over 50 people have become Millionaires after being taught the “secrets”! I have now become one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet about the in-depth secrets of these powerful discoveries and the “5 Second Miracle”, and most importantly HOW to apply them in REAL life.

Today I am regarded as one of the BEST TEACHERS in the world of this material. People now pay me over $100,000 for just a few HOURS of personal training!

Why? Because I can teach YOU how to get your own Aladdin’s lamp and have your own genie who will grant you your EVERY WISH! I can teach YOU how to BE, DO and HAVE ANYTHING and EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE!

Over the last summer I was asked if I would write a book on how to apply these discoveries and secrets and the “5 Second Miracle” in REAL life. I was asked if I would REVEAL and disclose to the world the secrets I learned by being a member of the secret society “The Brotherhood” so ALL people could learn the information that up until now has been reserved for the privileged few.

I discussed this idea in great detail. I felt since I personally benefited so much from this knowledge that perhaps I should consider sharing these secret discoveries with those who sincerely wanted a better life and all the benefits that these secrets will give a person when they apply them in their life.

Remember, I WAS a member of the “Brotherhood” secret society! I am NO LONGER a member! I LEFT! NO ONE has EVER left the society! NO ONE has EVER shared their secrets! Many powerful people are FURIOUS that I am exposing and revealing the SECRETS of one of the most powerful secret societies of all time! (Again WHY I left I will tell you later!)

I was open to the idea of writing a book and may someday do so, but being a Number 1 Best Selling author, I know how much effort and time it takes to write a book.  I was looking at a HUGE amount of work.

Plus I was very hesitant at exposing the society’s secrets on a mass scale.

I then came up with an idea!

I would PERSONALLY reveal the greatest most powerful success secrets of the society and train a FEW people LIVE and IN PERSON!!!

I would PERSONALLY "tell all” and give the most closely guarded and most powerful never before released secret keys to making all of a persons dreams come true. I would reveal the very same secrets that the privileged few, the elite of the world, the members of royal families, and the billionaires have used to achieve their wealth and power.

But I would ONLY teach this secret knowledge to a FEW people and they HAD to be SERIOUS!

I was actually willing to COME FORWARD….totally expose my identity and previous membership in the secret society “The Brotherhood” and PERSONALLY TEACH a FEW select people HOW to apply this NEVER BEFORE RELEASED material in their lives!

Imagine being PERSONALLY taught…

  • How to make MILLIONS of dollars!
  • How to attract money like a MAGNET!
  • How to raise $10,000 CASH in 24 hours!
  • How to make $100,000 in 90 days!
  • How to earn $20,000 per month without leaving your house!
  • How to have SUPER HEALTH!
  • How to have the romantic love relationship of your dreams!
  • How to have unlimited personal power in life!!
  • How to be happy beyond belief!
  • How to overcome adversity, set backs and disappointments and make them turn to your advantage
  • How to eliminate all past emotional pain and traumas
  • How to use “Two Magic Words” that could eliminate ALL your debts OVERNIGHT
  • How to predict future events with uncanny accuracy
  • How to “read people’s minds” and control all situations
  • How to wipe out stress, anxiety, fear, and become confident and self assured!
  • How to have the lifestyle and freedom you always wanted!
  • How to have your own Aladdin’s Lamp and have your OWN Genie who will grant YOU your every desire!
  • How to be LUCKY and happy in life!
Pop the champagne! This is YOUR lucky day! Here is what happened next. I personally invited a small group of people to come to a secret location for 2 days and be PERSONALLY trained by me in person! Since I would only teach those who were SERIOUS, I required them to pay $10,000 to attend.

I went to the secret location last year and conducted the 2-day training with this small group of lucky people!

I spent 2 days training and teaching this group the “secrets” I learned from being a member of the secret society “The Brotherhood” . You should know I reached the highest level in the society and was taught ALL the secrets! Some of the information I learned was in books and manuscripts the society keeps in secret locations around the world. Some of this material was HUNDREDS of years old!! Much of it was handwritten on old yellowing paper!

What I read with my own eyes and learned was MIND BLOWING!

I was also taught personally by members of Royal Families, billionaires, and some of the most famous, richest and most powerful people and families on planet earth.

The information I was taught is some of the greatest kept secrets and most powerful success and control technologies in the world.

I taught the group information I have NEVER TAUGHT to ANYONE outside the society! I revealed secrets that have been kept hidden for HUNDREDS and maybe THOUSANDS of years! I taught the TRUE most POWERFUL secrets on how to use these hidden never before released or revealed discoveries to make all of a person's Dreams become a reality!

I taught them how to apply this knowledge and the “5 Second Miracle” in THEIR real life and make it work for THEM! I answered all their questions and worked with them one on one to make sure they “got it!”

Plus, the entire event was professionally recorded and copies of the entire event were given to each participant in the form of a CD package. That way they could listen over and over again to the material and make sure they GOT IT!!

This was a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity!! It has NEVER happened before and may NEVER happen again!! This LIVE and IN PERSON event was AWESOME!

Here is what some of the people who attended have said:

“Unreal! AMAZING! Never felt so good in my life! What did he do to me?! I feel like superman! I will never be the same!” “I feel so confident, powerful and unstoppable! I have the easy to understand tools now to make anything I want happen! I used 2 magic words he taught me and I eliminated $100,000 of debt in 5 minutes!!!  Cannot believe how good this was!” “I would have paid 1 million dollars for this knowledge! I own a business and with this information my profits will go up 100 fold this year! In the first week I have already increased my profits over $50,000!” “I could never get a date. The first night of the seminar I went out to dinner alone and a beautiful woman started talking to ME! We are seeing each other now on a regular basis. Learning this information CHANGES YOU from the inside! WOW!” “He made the material COME ALIVE! NOW I totally understand it and how to use it! I NEVER really knew how powerful this was because I never really GOT IT until now!! PRICELESS!” “Best training I have EVER received in my whole life! In just 2 weeks since learning this information I remain joyfully happy everyday, feeling more in control and confident than ever, and I even have become more lucky!” “I used the technique taught and put REAL cash in my pocket in 24 hours!!” “EVERY person NEEDS to hear this information! And they should pay ANY PRICE!! So here is what I am offering YOU…

YOU can have your own set of the CDs that were recorded at the seminar! That’s right! Over 12 hours of secrets revealed can be yours! You can get the CDs and listen to EVERY word of the seminar as if YOU WERE ACTUALLY THERE IN PERSON!

You will hear ALL the training! You will hear ALL the questions and answers! You will get all the same information that all the participants received! And YOU will receive ALL the same life-changing benefits!

YOU are one of the first people being offered this PRICELESS KNOWDEGE!

Why is this information being released when I was sworn to secrecy? I saw how this information was being used to CONTROL people and keep the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer!  This is UNFAIR and just plain NOT RIGHT! I decided that EVERYONE should have access to this knowledge instead of just the privileged few!

That’s why I decided to REVEAL these secrets to you!

The best part is YOU do NOT have to pay the $10,000!!

I have to offer the CD’s at a price that would make sure someone was serious about being successful, but low enough so everyone could afford them. The CD's are being currently being offered for $1,000. BUT YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO PAY $1,000.

You will only have to invest $299 for the ENTIRE CD PACKAGE!!!!.  And I will pay the shipping!  

This is the bargain of the century and a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity for YOU! This information is easily worth 10 times, even 100 times the amount you have to pay! Think about it…..How much would you pay for Aladdin’s lamp and having your own Genie grant your every wish!??!

You may be thinking, “I cannot afford that!”…..Well if you can’t afford it…you probably need this information more than anyone! Think about that! If you don’t have $299 to invest in learning this knowledge then you are in dire need of this more than anyone! You really cannot afford NOT to get this information. You need to beg, borrow or do whatever you can to get the money for these CDs!

DO NOT DELAY!  This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER! I only produced a SMALL amount of CD packages. These are being offered on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis! Once we sell out….WE WILL BE SOLD OUT and these may NEVER be offered again!

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Remember, this training covers HOW to apply the secrets and the “5 second Miracle” in your life. It is taught in 2 parts. The first is “Your wish is YOUR command…how to manifest your desires!  The second part is….”How anyone can make MILLIONS…the money making secrets “they” don’t want you to know about”

I cannot tell you enough how special this event was and how your life will be PERMANETLY changed for the better by learning this information.

You truly will NEVER be the same. If you REALLY want MONEY…
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Your Friend,

Kevin Trudeau

NY Times #1 Best-Selling Author