Your Wish Is Your Command - How To Manifest Your Desires

Amazing CD series recommended by
law of attraction expert - Dr Joe Vitale
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The "Your Wish Is Your Command" series is 14 hours audio recording of a private and exclusive two-day lecture which takes place at an undisclosed location in the Swiss Alps.
In attendance were millionaires,  billionaires, high-level government officials, leaders of countries, members of royal families, politicians and captains of industry.

The event was so exclusive that attendees paid OVER $10,000 to attend and traveled from every continent around the world to get this information. When it ended, everyone said it was not only the best $10,000 they ever spent - they said it changed their lives.

                                         HERE IS WHAT PEOPLE SAID ABOUT THIS RECORDING:

Linda Halifax (Buffalo, NY)
"Thank You Thank You Thank You for releasing this secret information. Everyone needs this information badly at any price. What price can you put on happiness. The adventure begins for anyone who gets it. I can now be, do, or have anything I desire and they are comming fast."

Dr Leonard Coldwell
(Author of Instinct based medicine)
"I am full of excitement after listening to your CD set: “Your wish is Your Command.” You have created something that I call the science of true development and success for everybody! During the course of my professional career, I have spoken to more then 2.2 million seminar attendees, and over 35,000 terminally ill patients, and have had over seven million readers of my materials. I wish that the “Your Wish is Your Command” CD set would have been available all this time, to help them understand and practice the power of conscious vibrational programming. You have created something that is so valuable that it can even make the poorest person wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. In this CD set, you give everybody the opportunity to achieve all that they desire in their lives. I own every book and seminar on tape in the field of health and success that has been produced in the last 30 years. The “Your Wish is Your Command” CD set has the essence of all these programs combined! Plus, you go further by adding the science and training to use the cumulative knowledge of decades of success and wealth creation. Thank you for creating it so that even the smallest person can become big in his or her life." 

Dr Joe Vitale
(bestselling author, star of The Secret movie)
Over the last year I’ve gotten to know Kevin Trudeau. We’ve had several dinners, meetings, and email exchanges. I’ve been on his radio show, and I’ve interviewed him for my Hypnotic Gold members. I’ve found him to be sincere and passionate.  Whenever I meet with him, I learn something new about health, healing and/or marketing, and even the Law of Attraction. Turns out Kevin is a big believer in LOA and uses it to be so successful.
I have a terrific infomercial for my new book, Attract Money Now because of Kevin’s inspiration.
And when my back began to hurt due to the car accident in Russia a few months ago, it was Kevin who told me of a cool new tool that has changed my life and sped up my healing.
Recently he gave me a copy of his new audio program, a fourteen CD set titled Your Wish Is Your Command. Since Kevin is a terrific story teller, a riveting speaker, and a walking library of information on attracting what you want in life (with a focus on attracting money), I couldn’t wait to listen to it. I did and loved it.

Mark "The Sharp Guy" (Florida)

"These are life changing! I have listened to them 4 times at least and a few of the CD''s 5 times. Every time I take notes and then relisten I pick up something new. Simply amazing!!! I can''t wait for more CD''s."

Judi (Grants Pass, OR)
"This is a really good set. I found so many puzzle pieces and yet there is so much more."

Loren P.
(Monterey, CA)

"The "Your Wish Is Your Command CD Set" is an absolutely amazing treasure trove of invaluable information allowing students to completely change their lives for the better and positively impact the lives of people around them. You learn the most closely guarded secrets of the most successful and most influential people in the world and exactly how to implement them to achieve great success and wealth. You learn how to "attract" success based on time-tested proven principles and take control of your life so that you are able to manifest any wish or desire in your personal and professional life. This program is an absolute MUST have! It has absolutely improved my life and I would recommend it to everyone without reservation! Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much!"

Loren (Monterey, CA)
"Exceptionally enlightening!!! By far the best program for building wealth and well-being ever created! Thank you!!!"

Rich Hayden
(Palm Springs, CA.)

"The best information about everything in life that I will ever need. It has changed my life to the best forever. Now that I know this information I can absolutely do, be or want anything in my life. My wishes are truly my command!"

Gary (London, UK)
I`ve got this product and it is truly amazing, $300 is a tiny price to pay for it.

“Unreal! AMAZING! Never felt so good in my life! What did he do to me?! I feel like superman! I will never be the same!”

“I feel so confident, powerful and unstoppable! I have the easy to understand tools now to make anything I want happen! I used 2 magic words he taught me and I eliminated $100,000 of debt in 5 minutes!!!  Cannot believe how good this was!”

“I would have paid 1 million dollars for this knowledge! I own a business and with this information my profits will go up 100 fold this year! In the first week I have already increased my profits over $50,000!”

“I could never get a date. The first night of the seminar I went out to dinner alone and a beautiful woman started talking to ME! We are seeing each other now on a regular basis. Learning this information CHANGES YOU from the inside! WOW!”

“He made the material COME ALIVE! NOW I totally understand it and how to use it! I NEVER really knew how powerful this was because I never really GOT IT until now!! PRICELESS!”

“Best training I have EVER received in my whole life! In just 2 weeks since learning this information I remain joyfully happy everyday, feeling more in control and confident than ever, and I even have become more lucky!”

"I used the technique taught and put REAL cash in my pocket in 24 hours!! Every peson NEEDS to hear this information! And they should pay ANY PRICE!!"

Why is this set so unique?
Simply because you CANT find this information ANYWHERE ELSE. Just few months ago, you would have to be high-level member of some exclusive secret society to have access to these secrets.

People who attended the event paid more than $10 000, and they said it was the best investment they ever had!
.Luckily, you don`t need to spend $10k to learn it. Regular price of "Your Wish is Your Command" CD`s is $1000, but I decided to lower the price further. I remember when I was failing because I didn`t knew this information. Now this information is available almost to anyone. Buy it now for NOT $300, but

FREE shipping & handling

    This is a small price to pay for information that will give you happiness, health and success for the rest of you life
I`m so confident that you will have fantastic results after applying these secrets, that I`m offering you:     30 day money back guarantee!