Bob Marley is ......
Trence McKenna greets Timothy Leary
Basically, you should care about yourself first. Losers want to tell others what to do. Winners think about themselves first, they speak to others when they are asked to. If you want to have power, DROP OUT of this insane society! Turn ON, TUNE IN, 
Google is awesome company. They inspire me with their improvements, ideas, their positive impact on humanity. Google employees are young, freedom loving creative people. I discovered that Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are "psychedelic people".  Watch this awesome video!
This is wonderful video. Terence Mckenna was amazing author and very intelligent person, because his knowledge came from within. 
Get HIGH and stay high in Switzerland! This is paradise on earth. It is legal to grow and sell, but it`s not legal to smoke, lol. Chur
I love Joe Vitale. He is wonderful author, very simple and smart person. Watch and see how passionate is he about the books and self-help programs. All winners love to read!
Just listen this music! It will program you to think positively and attract money in your life. There is nothing wrong with having lots of it!
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    Life is for loving!

    I am person that loves freedom, happiness, women, nature, courage....
    My mission is to enjoy my life to the fullest and make other people laugh and happy. 
    MY dream is to TURN ON the world!


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